Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2013 Sydney

Last night I visited Sydney Fashion Festival in City Town Hall, as expected there was a crowd of impeccably well dressed people waiting outside for the show to begin. As we were entering the Hall, adrenalin for a dose of latest fashion started kicking in. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long as the show started on time, it begun with Karlie Kloss' advertisment for new Mercedes Benz CLA class. It's a beautiful car convenient both for city drives and long distance travels (big Mercedes fan here ! :D )..  You should check the ad  HERE .

Amongst a bunch of great Australian designers the ones I liked the most are:

 I love white combinations so HAN collection is a big hit for me, Easton Pearson had a lovely embellished skirt with yellow shirt. 

Romance was born with girly bubbly and colourful dresses.

Loved Bless'edAreTheMeek and colourful fun prints.Zambesi being bold, rocking eternal classic colour black with sheer materials. I was delighted by Kahlo brown leather top and shorts. 

Aje. collection had an unplanned surprise, two protesters came out on the catwalk carrying posters saying AJE LABEL OF DEATH.. Soon guards got rid of them. 

My absolute favourit is Karla Spetic and amazing clean white blazer and white skirt with print crop top! It took my breath away and kept me thinking of it during the after party.

Just taking some photos after the show.

Having fun at the after party, received REDKEN hair products for curly hair and some Maybelline make up!


  1. Kako si lijepaaaaa :))

  2. What an awesome night it must have been!!! You should also consider a career as a journalist in the fashion industry :) x

  3. Iskreno? Oduševljena sam, uzbuđena i presretna u isto vrijeme. Imam osjećaj da polako otvaraš vrata u novi svijet, toliko drugačiji i toliko nepoznat većini, a što je najvažnije ta vrata otvara meni jako drago biće, koje će me, nadam se, kroz život još bezbroj puta iznenaditi i razveseliti svojim uspjesima.. Osim toga davno sam ti rekla, neki su stvoreni da se rode, žive i umru, a neki, poput tebe, stvoreni su za velike stvari, nemoj si dopustiti da to ne iskoristiš :*

    I potpisujem ovog anonymousa gore :$ stv bi mogla i o toj karijeri razmisliti :)
    Tvoja Keti :)

  4. Ženo možeš zarađivat na ovome jako mi se sviđa iako sam ga sad malo prelistala zbog nedostatka vremena ali ovo što vidim je odlično. Semi :*