Friday, 30 August 2013

Art Galleries Day

Hello beautiful people!
I had the most amazing day today in the City. We visited Art Gallery of NSW, The Botanic Garden and Museum of Contemporary Art. I wore a new lace top I got as a present, and I love it! It can be worn both dressed up and down, today I opted for a casual but still interesting style. Hope you'll like the photos as much as I enjoyed doing and seeing all the fun things today!
One of my favourite paintings in Art Gallery of NSW even though I'm a fan of portraits I find this very nice, painted in 1936 (great times!)
This one is my favourite, I could stare at it for days.. Hermione by Thomas Francis Dicksee, 1874

The Botanic Garden

How can one not love this city 

I remember when I first arrived at this place and instantly fell in love with Sydney. 

And then she took a selfie. In the mirror. No, Matea! :D


That was my day in Sydney. I hope you had an amazing day too. 
And what about you, do you like contemporary art or some other period? I must confess I'm not a big fan of contemporary! Most of the time I don't see what the artist tried to demonstrate, except for Pete Doherty's paintings. That's what I would l o v e to own one day. 
Leave in comments if you have any favourite artists I should check out. xx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Casual day in Sydney

My time here is slowly coming to an end, this is the last week and there's still so much to do and see. My day started in Sydney and ended in suburbs, and I can't decide which I love more.

  Harbour bridge, alongside Opera House, Sydney's best known landmark.  

 Beautiful Hyde Park. The name always reminds me of Hyde from That 70s show. Love that show (Red and Hyde fav characters) ! :)

 In the city I met my aunts for lunch in a Thai restaurant, which I really enjoyed cause of my fondness of spicy food. Then we did a bit of shopping. 

 Took some photos in State Theatre, so beautiful it takes you back in time. It was built in 1927, my favourite historical time of luxury and majestic lifestyle (let's pretend we don't know how ingloriously it all ended).
in front of St Mary's Cathedral

Seriously, a girl can never have enough selfies.

 Heading to a suburb called Beecroft.

 Sounds like a plan.

What I love about old suburbs is the calmness and alternative experience they provide. As if the time has stopped and there's nothing outside their little town. Everything looks so peaceful and tame, there are loads of nice little cafes, bakeries, small shops, and people seem friendly and relaxed.

What about you, do you prefer big cities over smaller towns or vice versa? 
If you had any questions please leave them in comments, I'm glad to answer.
xx Matea

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2013 Sydney

Last night I visited Sydney Fashion Festival in City Town Hall, as expected there was a crowd of impeccably well dressed people waiting outside for the show to begin. As we were entering the Hall, adrenalin for a dose of latest fashion started kicking in. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long as the show started on time, it begun with Karlie Kloss' advertisment for new Mercedes Benz CLA class. It's a beautiful car convenient both for city drives and long distance travels (big Mercedes fan here ! :D )..  You should check the ad  HERE .

Amongst a bunch of great Australian designers the ones I liked the most are:

 I love white combinations so HAN collection is a big hit for me, Easton Pearson had a lovely embellished skirt with yellow shirt. 

Romance was born with girly bubbly and colourful dresses.

Loved Bless'edAreTheMeek and colourful fun prints.Zambesi being bold, rocking eternal classic colour black with sheer materials. I was delighted by Kahlo brown leather top and shorts. 

Aje. collection had an unplanned surprise, two protesters came out on the catwalk carrying posters saying AJE LABEL OF DEATH.. Soon guards got rid of them. 

My absolute favourit is Karla Spetic and amazing clean white blazer and white skirt with print crop top! It took my breath away and kept me thinking of it during the after party.

Just taking some photos after the show.

Having fun at the after party, received REDKEN hair products for curly hair and some Maybelline make up!